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Moke LUX Seat Covers

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Moke LUX Seat Covers

The ultimate luxurious upgrade for your Moke!

Treat yourself and your passengers to the most stylish seat covers designed exclusively to take your Moke to the next level! These covers come in multiple colors and patterns!

  • Made of a durable and high-quality outdoor fabric
  • Easy slip-on and slip-off design
  • Includes a pocket on the back for extra storage
  • Additional comfort and support 


Multiple Options Available:

Please specify your seat set up (All Buckets OR Buckets + Bench)

  • (x2) Bucket Seat Cover (SOLD AS PAIR)
  • (x1) Bench Cover (SOLD AS SINGLE)
  • ALL Buckets (Complete Set) SALE
  • (x2) Buckets + Bench (Complete set) SALE

*Please note these are proprietary seat covers for Moke America. They will only fit electric Mokes made by Moke America. They are custom-measured and hand-produced for our Mokes and only our Mokes. Please do not purchase if you have an older Moke or are from a different country or seller.