Rizoma License Plate Support Kit for Monster 696 08-15

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Rizoma License Plate Support Kit for Monster 696 08-15 


Rizoma License Plate Kits are your first step in cleaning up the rear end of your motorcycle in order to give it a tidier look. Like all Rizoma products, you can expect that the design is unique and fit/finish are superb. Match with other Rizoma accessories to complete the look!

Rizoma makes some of the cleanest looking under-tail fender eliminators. Rizoma tail tidy kits offer both form and function.

This multi adjustable kit includes:

* Tail unit included
* OEM indicator light brackets included
* License Plate Supports (for different size license plates)
* License Plate Light
* Aftermarket Turn Signal Brackets
* Removable Reflector kit

Rizoma turn signals sold separately.

Note: OEM turn signal brackets included.

Note: Rizoma includes USA sized license plate holders with all of their license plate kits

Note: Rear reflector is removable