Renthal Ultra Tacky Half Waffle Grips

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Renthal Ultra Tacky Half Waffle Grips


Renthal Ultra-Tacky Grip Set Half Waffle Dual Compound

Renthal Ultra-Tacky grips have been developed to increase the traction between the glove and the grip, which increases control and reduces rider fatigue. The specially formulated grip compound which is exclusive to Renthal, constantly produces and renews a sticky surface coating which when combined with the Renthal Soft compound, offers an incredibly grippy yet comfortable surface. 

The Ultra-Tacky grip is suitable for use in all conditions, and is especially useful for wet or muddy conditions or anytime increased control is needed. The sticky surface will last the lifetime of the grip and if it at any point the grip feels less sticky, simply wash the surface with clean water and allow the grips to air dry to re-activate. 

The Ultra-Tacky grips are available in two models, half waffle dual compound and tapered half waffle dual compound in black color only.