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MSR GP Aluminum Erzberg Mid Bend Handlebar (Black)

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MSR GP Aluminum Erzberg Mid Bend Handlebar (Black)


Tough conditions and long rides take a toll on the arms and handlebars. So it’s good to know the MSR GP Aluminum handlebar will withstand the abuse of the trail and lessen the abuse on your forearms. It’s built using the best choice in aluminum for 7/8th diameter handlebars, 2014-T6 aluminum. This grade of aluminum flexes to help take the sting out of a hard landing yet is tough enough to help resist bending in a crash. The shot peened finish not only looks great, it also increases the overall strength of the aluminum. Bar end plugs prevent dirt and water from getting trapped inside and damaging the metal over time.

  • Constructed from premium 2014-T6 aluminum
  • Handlebar diameter is 7/8 in. overall, 5mm wall thickness
  • Cold-forged aluminum cross bar and machined bar clamps add toughness
  • Shot-peened finish to increase strength
  • 1.8 lbs. (820 grams) without pad
  • Includes: Bar pad

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