Dunlop GT501 Front Tires

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Dunlop GT501 Front Tires 


he V-rated GT501 features bias-ply and bias-belted construction and incorporates a radial-style tread pattern for contemporary styling and a larger footprint.

  • An optimized profile creates a larger contact patch for enhanced cornering confidence and smooth side-to-side transitions.
  • Increased tread-to-void ratio helps deliver superior grip in dry conditions and a high level of grip in wet weather.
  • Deep center-tread depth provides improved wear characteristics and enhanced water clearance.
  • Note: Additional sizes in H speed rating for some models.

Tire Specifications:

  • Load / speed index: 54H.
  • Recommended rim (inches): 3.00.
  • Overall diameter (inches): 23.07.
  • Overall width (inches): 4.21.
  • Full tread depth (inches): 5/32.
  • Maximum load (pounds) / PSI: 467 @ 40 PSI.