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Ducky Water Spot Remover

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Ducky Water Spot Remover 


The Original DUCKY WATER SPOT REMOVER remains the most popular and sought after product of its kind. DUCKY WATER SPOT REMOVER effectively eliminates hard water spots which over time will etch into any surface making them a permanent fixture on your boat, car or motorcycle. Just spray on affected area and watch as hard water deposits are easily dissolved away leaving a newly restored surface free of calcium and mineral deposits that corrode and can severely damage all surfaces.

The cleaning power of Ducky Original Water Spot Remover doesn't stop at the water spot's edge. It's amazingly effective at removing exhaust deposits from the transom and chrome exhaust tips. This is usually a combination of hard water and exhaust deposits mixed together.

Original Water Spot Remover formula is free of wax and gloss enhancers and is recommended for use on matte, flat, denim or on surfaces where no wax or gloss enhancement is desired. If wax coating is desired Ducky Water Spot Plus, w/wax, may be preferred.

Ducky Original Water Spot Remover can be used to remove hard water spots on chrome kitchen and bathroom fixtures as well. Avoid contact with natural stone.