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Ducky Renew Cleaner Wax

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Ducky Renew Cleaner Wax

Renew Cleaner Wax Removes Light Oxidation And Surface Contaminants.

Renews rich blend of light abrasive cleaners and waxes effortlessly remove light oxidation and surface contaminants while restoring original luster, shine and clarity to all gel coat, fiberglass and painted surfaces. The 2 in 1, clean and wax characteristics of this product make it one of the most useful and practical products of its kind. Renew can be used by hand or machine to effectively clean and wax in one easy step, leaving a slick waxed and glazed finish while providing protection from damaging UV sun rays and airborne contaminants. Use this fine product on Boats, RV’s, Auto, Outboard Motors, Plastics and Painted Metal.

Ducky Renew Cleaner Wax is amazingly versatile. Not only does it remove airborne surface contaminants and light oxidation it is also a great finishing product used by Nordic Boats USA on all new boat builds.