Corbin Slingshot Saddlebags Pearl Red

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Corbin Slingshot Saddlebags Pearl Red


The Corbin Fleetliner Saddlebags integrate perfectly with the futuristic body lines of the Slingshot, not only finishing the rear end of the Slingshot, but adding adequate storage for those that want more cargo space.

Since the Slingshot doesn't lean in the curves like a traditional motorcycle, Corbin was able to make these saddle bags larger than the typical motorcycle saddlebag. You'll get approximately 50 liters of storage per sidebag. The left bag is sligthly larger than the right bag because of the monoshock placement on the right rear side of the Slingshot. Corbin realizes that many Slingshot owners will upgrade to larger rear tires, so they allowed enough clearance to support a 305 series tire.. which is more than the stock rim will support. If you choose to run an aftermarket rim, be sure the offset is correct so you don't have issues with the tire rubbing the saddlebags.

The Fleetliner doors secure in place with a lockable double latch system to assure that whatever you're storing is kept safe while parked and kept latched while driving. The doors will open to the side and the weight of the door is supported with a small cable. In addition the 50 liters of storage in each bag, there is also a built in net mounted to the door itself to store smaller items. The doors are constructed with thermoformed ABS for durability and a clean look. Both Saddlebags are fully lined and are weather proof to protect your cargo against the elements.

The saddlebags are constructed of roto-molded polyurethane material and will come prepainted to match your Slingshot. The Saddlebag body and brackets come painted wrinkle black to blend with the slingshot lower plastics, and the doors come painted to match your OEM paint color. This mod is really a 2 in 1 mod, as you also get a high quality ABS rear fender / splash guard with a Carbon Fiber pattern to give the rear end a sporty look.

It's important to notate that this is a "bolt on" mod and does not require any welding or chassis modification, but you will need to modify one of the stock plastic underbody panels. A drilling and cutting template will be supplied with the product. All Corbin brackets will utilize factory bolt hole locations for a clean and professional installation.