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CA Lead Acid Battery Recycling Act ($1.00/Per 11lb+ Battery)

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CA Lead Acid Battery Recycling Act 


($1.00/Per 11lb+ Battery)

This bill, on and after April 1, 2017, until March 31, 2022, would require a manufacturer battery fee of $1 to be imposed on a manufacturer of lead-acid batteries for each lead-acid battery it sells at retail to a person in California, or that it sells to a dealer, wholesaler, distributor, or other person for retail sale in California, for deposit into the Lead-Acid Battery Cleanup Fund. The bill would require manufacturer battery fees remitted pursuant to these provisions to be credited against amounts owed by the manufacturer to the state under a judgment or determination of liability under specific hazardous materials provisions or any other law for removal, remediation, or other response costs relating to a release of a hazardous substance from a lead-acid battery recycling facility. The bill would require that the amount paid by a manufacturer for a manufacturer battery fee be considered to reduce the manufacturer’s share of liability in the allocation of costs among potentially responsible parties in a contribution action brought by a private party related to a release of hazardous substances from a lead-acid battery recycling facility.