Bridgestone T30 EVO GT Rear Tires

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Bridgestone T30 EVO GT Rear Tires


Mix real sport performance with the durability and reliability of a premium touring tire.

  • GT Spec - This version of the T30EVO is designed to suit heavy-weight motorcycles.
  • Advanced sport touring - The Battlax T30EVO brings you the best of both worlds: the safety and durability of a touring tire and the exhilaration of real sport performance.
  • Sporty feel - Quick response, outstanding stability, neutral handling characteristics, superb line-holding abilities...this tire has everything you need to find your line and ride it in deep.
  • Improved wet grip - The Battlax T30EVO takes the already acclaimed sport precision of the Battlax T30 and adds outstanding wet-weather grip and performance.
  • Outstanding traction and control - These sport touring radials deliver even more traction and control, particularly on wet surfaces. So you can push the bounds of both safety and riding pleasure.
  • Long-lasting performance - Bridgestone delivers the thrill of sport performance in the durable, hard-wearing package of a touring tire. To make that riding pleasure last that much longer.
  • New-formula compound and re-engineered pattern with sub-grooves improve water channeling within the contact patch for enhanced wet grip.
  • Curved, outward facing grooves create a wider rib along the center strip for increased stiffness and stability while accelerating.
  • Increased contact area relative to lean angle boost cornering grip for faster, safer and more stable cornering, even in the wet.
  • Newly developed rear center-strip compound delivers excellent traction on wet surfaces without sacrificing dry performance or wear life.
  • Note: The T30 EVO is original equipment on the following bikes: 2015 BMW S1000XR.